This is really happening….

I can’t believe that this is really happening. Could our family really be preparing to move out of the country? Every time we take a step closer I look at Jessica and say, “Wow, this is really happening.”

If you have spent much time around me you know that I love Colombia. I have been blessed to go to this beautiful place several times. I love the food, I love lulo juice, I love coffee, and I love the people. For years I have loved the idea of moving there. This is something that seemed like a good idea when I was single but was quickly fading as I started a family.

Shortly after Jessica and I got married we had an opportunity to go to Colombia with a group of young adults from the denomination (Pictured Above). I was so excited for Jessica to see this place I love so much. She has traveled a lot, but not to amazing Colombia. It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with the same things I loved. I remember on the way home we talked about how it would be cool to live there one day.

I still thought that it was more of a dream that would never actually happen, especially when Jessica got pregnant with our first daughter Bella Grace. Ten days after Bella Grace was born we were asked to meet with our future missionary boss and his wife. I honestly thought there wasn’t much point. We already had a baby and we were settling down nicely in Knoxville. At our meeting they wanted to know if we had any interest in becoming Cumberland Presbyterian Missionaries. I have always been careful not to push my callings on Jessica, but when we left that meeting she looked at me and said, “we really need to consider this.”

Some time went by and we had a lot of conversations. A lot of late nights making pros and cons lists. We spent a lot of time praying and still were unsure. After about a year we were asked to come to a meeting over a weekend and meet with others who supported and had an interest in missions. This was so exciting for us. It was awesome to sit with a group of people who were wresting with a call just like us, to learn about mission opportunities in the denomination, and to have a time in a retreat like atmosphere to consider if going into the mission field was something that our family wanted to do.

You would think that since the grandparents had Bella we would have slept all night, but we didn’t. We sat up talking and discerning. It was after these meetings that we decided that we, without a doubt, were called into the mission field.

So here we are! After a long application process we are fully endorsed as missionaries of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We were just recently offered and accepted a position with the soon to be formed Emmaus Presbytery in Medellin, Colombia!

We are currently in the process of raising funds so that we can move. We hope that you will join in our journey by following this blog and lifting us up in your prayers. We would even be more than happy to accept your financial support!



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