Our New Missionary Is Here

We are so happy to announce that our new missionary, Jacqueline, was born on July 22nd. She is smaller than her sister but very healthy and happy. She seems to be a calm spirit… hopefully it stays that way. I asked her the other day and she said she was ready to go and see Colombia for our preview visit at the end of September. We are very excited to travel  to Medellin to fellowship with old friends, meet new ones, talk about our future work, look at housing, and to learn a little more about what life will look like for us in Colombia. Since the baby is here, we will start our traveling to churches starting at the end of August. If you would like for us to come visit your church to share about our mission and how you can be a part of that, please let us know so we can put you on the calendar. Hope to see you soon!

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